Disability Benefit Rider Claim

  Being disabled and unable to carry out your financial responsibilities can be a very difficult time. We are here to help you take advantage of your active disability benefit rider.
  How It Works

You may be eligible for disability benefits provided:
     1.  Your policy is inforce
     2.  Your policy contract includes an active disability benefit rider
     3.  You have been disabled for a duration of at least 6 consecutive months

  Submitting a Claim

1. Call 1-800-387-2747 (John Hancock U.S.A.) or 1-888-267-7781 (John Hancock New York) to report the disability. 


2. Within 4 business days of notification we will send you the Disability Benefit Claim Form.


3. You will be required to:
    a)  Complete the form
    b)  Sign the disability authorization to obtain additional medical information
    c)  Provide a fully completed attending physician's statement
    d)  Provide a copy of your medical records for the claim period of total disability
    e)  Obtain a statement from your employer, under some circumstances


4. Mail or fax the completed form and the additional requirements to the address or fax number located on the form.


5. Once we receive all required documentation, the claimant will be informed of a decision within 10 business days.




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